Saint Cuthbert’s Church

25th August


An Operatic story of true love and its implications for a beautiful young courtesan who is destined to be with a gentleman  deemed too low for the courtesan’s class. A celebration of the power of true love and the tragedy of human mortality. The opera in question, La Traviata, is the source material for the contemporary classic film, Moulin Rouge. Performed by the Opera Bohemia Ensemble, conducted by music director, Alistair Diggs, & sung in Italian the music beautifully brings the story to life…  the stringed instruments especially, taking the lead, a performance that was worthy of center-stage itself.
Saint Cuthbert’s is a choice venue for an Opera as powerful as this one. The church stands at the West End of Princess Street Gardens, ornate and gothic, with perfect acoustics. Our seats were quite aptly in the heavens.With subtitles projected onto a screen above the altar. to the words that were sung it made for a totally inclusive experience. The stage in the altar of Saint Cuthbert’s made everything perfectly audible, from the lush orchestral interpretation to the amazing vocals of each of the cast. The detailed staging by Director Doughlas Nairne, transformed the stage set for each of the chapters of this Opera – by hand, the stage crew of Opera Bohemia meticulously created the different scenes during the short pauses in front of the audience. Unique and entertaining in itself.
Catriona Clark, performing the lead role of Violeta, effortlessly graced us with what would at first seem almost supernatural in her ability to move through the scales. Terminally ill with consumption, even lying down on her death-bed, her song is splendidly sung. Violeta’s true love Alfredo, performed by Thomas Kinch, skillfully demonstrated the affections and emotions of a man devoted and besotted. From the initial kiss and embrace, to the separation and longing. The final reconciliation moving the audience to tears as Violeta finally departed her mortal coil.
Aaron McAuley plays the part of Giorgio Germont, Violeta’s disaproving and controlling Father, doing his best to divert his sick daughters intentions to the suitor he would prefer.  Each of the cast gave a sterling performance in bringing this Italian Love Story to life. A true lesson into the impermanent.reality of love and life itself,  in a challenging and powerful presentation of perfect opera.
Reviewer : Mark Divine Calvert.